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  • Mise en situation du Food Mood Tour
  • Mise en situation du Food Mood Tour
  • Mise en situation du Food Mood Tour
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With the Food Mood Tour team, discover Lille through the culinary prism!

During a 3-hour walking tour, we will stop at 6 places where our restaurant partners will give us a special welcome.

For this, we have taken care to select only independent structures that value local products (at least home-made). Culinary tours do not only mean the discovery of local specialities. We therefore make it a point of honour to help you discover Lille's "food" nuggets and their creativity!

Between each stage, our guide tells you little anecdotes about the city. A real moment of discovery, as much human, cultural, as gustatory. Whether you are a local, a newcomer or just passing through, our food tours are made for you.
Generous portions (don't eat anything before coming) and conviviality guaranteed!
You will not necessarily eat Lille specialties on this food tour, but we will recommend the regional restaurants with great pleasure!

Price: € 59 per person

The Food Mood Tour will not be available from 18 to 31 July inclusive.

Tour times: Thursday to Saturday at 11.30am and 6.30pm
Duration: 3 hours
Meeting point :   Grand'Place (place du Général de Gaulle), Lille - details will be sent to you by sms before the visit

If you are prone to allergies or follow a specific diet, please let us know in the comments when booking.

Online booking is not possible on the day; you can reach our team by phone on +33 (0)359 579 400
Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health.
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