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Treasure hunt 'Cursed thief in Saint-Sauveur'

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In 1888, in the Brasserie des 3 Moulins, Narcisse Corman-Vandame, a famous brewer from Lille, saw the fruit of his efforts duly rewarded: the production of beer at his establishment reached an unprecedented level. The Brasserie des 3 Moulins has acquired a great reputation and many of its beers have won prizes in competitions.

In the family, a mysterious parchment is transmitted from generation to generation: Narcisse had identified many of his secrets in order to perpetuate the reputation of his brewery. This precious document remained safe for years in a secret room at the back of the bar, away from prying eyes. However, the other night, when Narcisse's great-great-grandson had just said goodbye to the last customers, he noticed that the door keeping the secret room was ajar... What was his surprise to see that the historical parchment had been stolen! After conducting a neighborhood survey, Narcisse's great-great-grandson Porter spotted suspicious-looking neighborhood residents, one of whom may well be the culprit of the theft.. Unable to give up the management of the bar, he entrusts you with all the elements he has managed to gather thanks to the help of an old acquaintance in the police and asks you to follow up on this investigation.

This rally takes place in a district of Lille with an important brewing history. Along your route, 2 tasting stops are planned.
Discover the neighborhood's bars, brewpubs and brasseries in a fun and original way.

Online reduced price: € 29 € 28 per person
Timetable of the track game: every Saturday at 2:15 pm & 2:45 pm from September to June (except December 25th and 31st)
Duration: 2:30 hours
Meeting place: Bulle Café, 47/49 rue d’Arras, Lille

Online booking is not possible for the same day: for bookings less than 24 hours, you can contact our team by phone at +33 (0) 359 579 400.
Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health.

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