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Track game 'The 3 mills' beer'

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L’échappée bière takes you to discover the Saint-Sauveur district through a new treasure hunt.

It will allow you to discover the unknown treasures of this alternative neighborhood in full renewal. In the heart of history, a former brewery of the district. You will walk the streets in search of the ingredients that make up the very popular 3 Moulins beer, the recipe having been forgotten by its brewer. Complex puzzles, atypical details, street art and beer tastings will help you progress in your quest. This quest will take you from pubs to trendy brew pubs to young micro-breweries.
A perfect treasure hunt for friends, family, EVG or EVJF!
You will be provided with a booklet with a detailed note on each monument or curiosity encountered on the course, on each beer tasted, as well as the indications necessary for the proper conduct of the investigation. The 4 beer tastings are included in the game. It is possible to consume soft drinks for those who do not drink alcohol. Materials to bring: a pen.

Online reduced price: € 26 € 25 per person
Timetable of the track game IN FRENCH only: every Saturday at 2 pm, 2:30 pm or 3 pm (except in August)
Meeting place: L’Idéal Café (rue Jeanne D’Arc, Lille)

Duration: 3 hours

Online booking is not possible for the same day: for bookings less than 24 hours, you can contact our team by phone at +33 (0) 359 579 400.

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