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Get a special rate by booking online!

It's cool to visit Lille by scooter. And it's original. It makes you want to ride the scooter. Without getting tired. It is easy and accessible to all. Share a fun, participative moment, animated by a friendly guide who will make you discover the city and ... the scooter!

Possibility of visiting with family, with children, parents and grandparents, but also between friends or colleagues.

The scooters are of course provided, with suspensions even!
The guide begins by explaining to the group the adventure you will experience. It helps to take good care of the scooter and find the right postures.
You will discover the center, the Old Lille and its history, but also the modernity of Lille Europe. You make a dozen stops with comments and photos.
You have challenges to face! Gymkhana, competitions of elegance, improv, and various games with the scooter: beautiful laughs in perspective.
Your guide takes a lot of pictures, in Old Lille but also in front of the tulips of Lille Europe or the frescoes of Jean Patou! You can find them the same evening on the Facebook profile with your agreement.

Reduced rate on line: € 20 € 19 per person (scooter rental included - attention non electric scooter)
Visit possible in English and Dutch depending on availabilities.

Departures: Saturdays at 2 pm
Duration: 1:30 to 1:45 hour
Meeting place:in front of the Lille Tourist Office

Online booking is not possible for the same day: for bookings less than 24 hours, you can contact our team by phone at +33 (0) 359 579 400.

Disinfection equipment available
Hydroalcoholic gel
· Disinfectant sprayer for cleaning equipment
· Cloth

Le Grand Huit encourages practitioners to bring their own hydroalcoholic gel.
Wearing a mask is not compulsory if the barrier measures (see table attached to the photos) and a safety distance of two meters are respected.
9 people maximum +1 guide.
No tip possible.

Before the visit:
The guide will be responsible for disinfecting the scooters, in particular the handles, handlebars, doorbell and the opening element of the scooter using a disinfectant spray and a cloth.
· Disinfected scooters will be aligned with a minimum distance of 2m between each scooter in a specific area marked with a green sticker.
Arrival of clients:
· Each customer will be assigned a scooter.
· Each client will wash their hands with a hydroalcoholic gel.
· The guide will be the only person authorized to make the adjustments on the scooter, (for example height of the handlebars) and will have to wear a mask during the adjustments.
The scooter tour:
· A safety distance of two meters must be observed between each scooter.
· During stops with explanations from the guide, customers will form a circle around the guide and maintain a distance of at least two meters from the guide and from other customers.
· Members of the same family living under the same roof can reduce this distance to 1 meter.
End of the visit:
The guide will be responsible for disinfecting the scooters, in particular the handles, handlebars, doorbell and opening element of the scooter (same procedure as above).

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Tel. +33 (0)359 579 400
Van maandag tot zaterdag: 9u30-12u30 en 13u30-17u30